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FreeVCD key command reference:
Track Selection Features
F1 ... F15 Skip to track 1..15
Shift - F1 ... F15  skip to tracks 11..25 on the CD.
right/left arrow  go to next & previous tracks
Song Control Features
space pause the current track
pg up/pg down  increase/decrease the playback speed. Speed is adjusted by (musical) half-step increments. (Ideal for Karoake that is a bit too high/low to sing.)
shift-(1..9)  mark a location within a song
(1-9) Return to marked location within the track. (Note: this jumps to a time within a given track, it will not jump between tracks) As of v.2.0, marked locations default to 10-90% through the current track. So, in a 60 minute track, pressing 5 will take you to the 30 minute point.
option-right/left arrow  jump ahead/back 5 seconds in the current track.
shift-right/left arrow  jump ahead/back 10 seconds in the current track.
control-right/left arrow  jump ahead/back 30 seconds in the current track.
command-right/left arrow  jump ahead/back 60 seconds in the current track.
Global Features
tab show status bar
up/down arrow increase/decrease volume
q toggle high/low quality mode
s Save a screen shot as a jpeg-compressed pict.
[, ] (left/right bracket) Adjust balance between left & right speakers. (Usually used for multiple-language VCD's)
<, > (less than/greater than) Adjust the playback window size.
Mouse/escape key  Quit the program.
shift down at startup  FreeVCD will not attempt a resolution change.

FreeVCD works by looking for a directory called 'MGEGAV' at the root directory of all mounted volumes. It then tries to play all the files in the directory. So, you can use FreeVCD to play back regular movies full screen by making a directory entitled 'MPEGAV' at the root of your hard drive, and placing your movies files within.

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