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Dome Wars

A multi-player tank game for the Macintosh
(Check out how the iPad version is coming along on the blog!.)
dw Download version 1.71 of Dome Wars
(OS X 10.2 through 10.6, 8.2MB)

Dome Wars will no longer compile on modern macs, and there are problems with the preferences on 10.5. Version 1.71 disables the saving of preferences so that Dome Wars will perform more reliably on 10.5.
What is Dome Wars?
Dome Wars is a game of war on the Macintosh for 1 to 10 players. Each player controls one of many tanks distributed across a random terrain. The victor is the player with the most points and the end of the rounds. In additon to single-player mode, there is also a score/round-based competition mode where you play through increasingly difficult rounds.
What do I need to play Dome Wars?
Version 1.7 has been tested on OS X version 10.2 and above. Feel free to test it on previous versions of the OS and report back to us how it works.
I love your game. I've been playing it at school, but we have a PC at home. Can you write a PC version?
You can try Scorched Earth a similar PC game. But, I'm not planning on writing a PC version in the immediate future.
Are any older versions of the game available?
Yes, here:

dw Download version 1.5.1 of Dome Wars
(doesn't support networking) (OS 7-9, 2.6MB)
dw Download version 1.2.b1 of Dome Wars
(supports limited networking) (OS 7-9, 1.3MB)

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